Saturday, March 9, 2013

Things you discover when you start a blog

In the last few weeks, I have discovered that there is more to a craft blog than just writing and posting your photos.  Designing this blog has been a pain.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.  You can't just have people follow your blog.  You have to add a button.  I had no idea.  Now I have a button.

Followers.  Yep.  These are important.  Right now, it appears I am writing to thin air.  But I know that followers will come with time.  If you are reading this, please follow me and send your friends.

Having a blog has opened many new doors for scrapbooking.   I participated in my first Blog hop.  I could never really participate in them before.  I could go look and pin great ideas, but I couldn't comment easily.  It was pretty great and the prizes are fantastic.  Hopefully I win some of those prizes soon!

And the contests.  These layout, card, and theme contests are keeping me in the scrap room.  At least something is.  If I don't have something motivating me, I tend to let my crafting slide.  I found one today that I am entering.  Your layout/card has to have something to do with time.  I started a time themed page on Tuesday.  Photos of that to come later.  Then there's this "link your project" issue.  I had no idea what that was.  Thankfully that became clear quickly.

Also, you have to have blogs to become a member of MOST design teams.  Some don't require it, but most do.  On occasion, you'll certainly see posts that refer to design teams.  It's just me trying to participate with another group.

All in all, this blogging experiment is going well.  Since I'm not feeling quite on top of things today, I didn't get in the room to take photos or work on the layout, but I think I've figured out what it is missing!

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  1. I completely agree!!! I've had my blog for a year now and have rean into the same things. It gets easier is all I can tell ya :)