Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm back!

Sorry for the unexpected break.  My mom got really sick 2 weeks ago.  She ended up in emergency surgery and had a 9 day hospital stay.  I was finally ready to get back to business when my son's cat, Lucy, died.  Holy cow!  The questions he asked.  lol!  I'm glad that that both ordeals are done.  Now, back to scrapbooking business...

I got a fantastic email last week!  I applied and was accepted to be a part of the "Hiding in my Craft Room" design team!  Starting next week, I will be making a blog post a week for this design team.  Exciting right?!  I'm very excited!

I got to scrapbook last weekend.  Yep!  3 whole days of scrapbooking.  I didn't get a ton of stuff done, but I did make progress on Design Team projects and I worked a bit on a book for Caleb.  I can't post most of what I did because they are for future posts, but I can post part of Caleb's book.  All of the paper I used is October Afternoon.  I really like October Afternoon for boys.  Their lines are always adorable!  Without further adieu, here it is!