Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Blog Name

Ok.  Photos, Paper, Scissors was an eh name.  Yep.  Time for something more creative.  You are now reading "My Creativity Exploded!".  This came from a facebook photo caption.  I captioned the following photo "My Creativity Exploded."  It was quite the popular post, so my husband thought it would be a great blog name.  I have to say I prefer it!

My scrap area is a hot mess right now.  Since we will have the paper train at the next K.I.S.S. event, I need one more paper tray set.  Who knows where I'm going to put it.  I think there will have to be some rearranging soon.  I have to say that I do love being able to look up and see all of my buttons organized by color.  It's pretty fantastic.  In all of those boxes and baskets, there is chipboard, stamps, adhesive, extra storage containers, and flowers.  Next to this is my sewing and cricut area and all of my ribbons, thread, and washi tape is hanging in shadowboxes on the wall.  Speaking of shadow boxes, I need another one of those too.  As soon as I get another one, I will get that side of the craft room posted. 

Since I am just starting out here, I need your help!  A big part of a blog is having followers and following people.  I would love for you to follow me and to let me know you are doing so!  In turn, I will follow you and hopefully we can gather some good ideas from each other!


  1. Oh the paper train. I love the paper train! The person who puts together the crops we go to also designs kits for her company K.I.S.S. and additional kids for Lickety Split Scrapbooking. She always has TONS of paper left over. She sets a whole bunch of tables up in a circle. She then puts all of the paper she has left from the kits and other projects in piles on the table. We are talking 20 to 30 piles of paper. You go around and around the tables, taking one off each stack. Already have that design? Too bad. Get it anyway. I think the most we have come away with is 102 sheets. That was when she hadn't done paper train for 6 months. It has now been a full year since paper train. It makes the entire crop fee worth it!