Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let's visit the past a bit...

Anna is sick.  This means I'm not going to make it in, again, to work on the layout that is just sitting on my messy work table.  I was able to make a tutu today for my sister-in-law's wedding.  One down, four more to go!  Since I have nothing "new" to show you, let's revisit an old page or 2.

I seriously love these photos!  This is Cate in her one and only dance recital outfit.  We went out and took these before going to the studio to take the pro photos they had to do.  During the recital (about a month after the photos were taken), she hit another student with her lollipop while onstage.  Afterward, she informed us that there was no way she was ever going to do that again.  She is obviously not a dancer in the making!  It's been too long now and I'm not sure of the paper lines that were used.  
Ugh.  I didn't realize how awful the photo for this came out until I just looked at it blown up.  Oh well, it's still one of my favorites that I have done for Caleb.  Again, not sure of the paper lines because they were scrap.  The snowmen were just circles cut out and glued together.  It was a cute one that was done years ago.  
Now, hopefully Anna will be feeling better tomorrow and I'll get that layout done.  I have a deadline this time.  It has to be done and off the table by Monday.  Next weekend, Jen will be here from St. Louis and it is scrapbooking weekend!  WOOHOO!  This does mean that I have to get everything packed up.  I dread that...

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