Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm expanding!

Oy.  This whole "I'm going to make my blog only about scrapbooking!" isn't working for me.  By the looks of things, you would think I haven't done much for the past 2 months, but I really have.  I just can't show it to you!  I work on another design team and until they release me to, I can't let you see what I'm working on.  Hopefully I get the OK for that soon!  I also have some fun projects and work that I'll be doing for Shannon McDermott and her K.I.S.S. events.  So, expect a lot more of this.  I have an awesome project that I'll put up soon that some of my facebook friends are dying to see.  Tony and I are also trying to do the Les Mills Combat workout together and we are cutting our diets.  He is having much more success with the cutting out stuff than I am.  Ugh.  But maybe I'll start to post updates of that here as well.  The kids start kindergarten in a week and I find that hard to believe.  But this blog is a good place to chronicle it so while many of my posts will still be craft and scrappy related, you'll be seeing more of my family and our adventures.  Now, I'm off to my last month of Bunco.  We are just too busy for me to commit to one more thing right now so it's on to the sub list I go and I'm ok with that.  Check back on Saturday for a darling page.  Maybe I'll even get some photos put on it by then!

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