Saturday, February 1, 2014

HIMCR #135--Blue Without You

 It's color challenge week!  This week is blues.  We don't care what blue.  We are calling it "blue without you."

You all know that when it's color challenge week, I use as much of that a color as I can for the week.  However this week is different.  So sit back and get ready for story time.

Have you ever joined a "pray for _____" Facebook page because a friend recommends it?  I normally don't do that, but I got an invite to join one from a good friend.  I joined it for some reason.  This baby's name was Hadley Mae.  She had many problems starting before she was born.  The family was aware that there was a chance they would never hold her alive.  Hadley was horn and not only did they get to hold her, but they continued to hold her in their arms for 172 days.  She was even able to go home to be with her brothers and sisters for many of those days.  I have followed her journey from the beginning and her whole family is an inspiration.  Her short life ended this week and even though I do not personally know her family, my heart hurts for them.  So, I made this card to send to them.  

The little butterfly is an image from  When I picked this image I had no idea what I would be using it for.  I have another post coming this week using this adorable little butterfly. has provided the prize for this week's winner so head over to and enter your "blue without you" project!

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