Saturday, December 7, 2013

Challenge 127--Christmas colors

Woohoo!  I finally feel ok putting all of my Christmas decor out.  I just cannot bring myself to get it all out before thanksgiving.  Since we are only 18 says from Christmas, Laurie decided to have Christmas colors week at HIMCR!  I have a tutorial for this week.  We made button Christmas tree ornaments at my aunts' house on thanksgiving.  This was Caleb's.  

Didn't he do a great job?  It was a hard fight though.  The floss kept fraying and breaking and since there is no structure with floss, it was hard for them to get it all done.  Most instructions for this project call for needles.  No way.  So this week, i spent some time coming up with a "child under 8" friendly way to do this.  

First you will need to gather your supplies.  

Use a nylon thread or floss.  I live the sew easy line.  Whatever you use, make sure the ends will melt when exposed to hear.  
I also used 3 colors of buttons, but feel free to use whatever or how many you want.  

Next, cut your thread.  For this ornament, I cut between 18 and 20 inches.  Now, melt the ends of your floss to seal them.  Note:  please don't let your children do this part.  

Next, pick out a large button.  You want this to be the largest button in your tree.  Thread it through the bottom.  

Tie a single time.  This helps keep your bottoms from stacking on each other and gives the tree more volume.  

Now, stack and tie!  You can make it as big as you want.  I tend to organize mine in size order, but as you could see on Caleb's, he did them out of order and it is still adorable!  

Double knot at the top to assure that it stays together.  

Now, take out some of those buttons that you don't use often.  You know, the ones with the backs that stick up?  They don't work well on my pages, so I don't use them much and tend to have a lot of them laying around.  

Thread it on.  I used yellow to represent a star, but I have 3 made using a red button and that works too!  

Tie a knot to keep it on.  

Finished!  Now you are ready to hang it.  I tie another knot near the top of the thread to create a way to hang it, but you can do it however is best for you.  

Now, head over to and enter your Christmas color creation.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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